8 Position Shear Test Oven

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Get unmatched results when performing heat-fail temperature shear testing of hot melt and pressure sensitive adhesives with the ChemInstruments 8 Position Shear Test Oven. This forced-ventilation shear test oven includes a ramping controller that complies with the SAFT test method ASTM D4498. The variability of SAFT tests depends on the mass in the oven, specific heat factors, wattage of the heating system, fan speed, program and operator technique. The 8 Position Shear Test Oven is the result of ChemInstruments' development of a standard rack, controller and oven combination, which greatly aids in producing uniform results between laboratories using the system.

Product Overview

  • 3 pattern, 30 step programmable controller, capable of performing SAFT ramped temperature testing
  • Controller is capable of maintaining up to 10 different programs
  • Maximum oven operating temperature of 500°F (260°C)
  • Temperature control accuracy of oven ± 0.5°F at 410°F (1°C at 210°C)
  • Temperature distribution accuracy of oven ± 1.5°F at 500°F (2.8°C at 260°C)
  • Oven is capable of achieving a temperature rise of 2°F (1°C) per minute (dependent on thermal mass)
  • The switch unit of the 8 Bank Shear fills approximately 50% of the interior volume in the oven
  • Stainless steel interior construction of the oven
  • Forced-air circulation type oven (convection)
  • Vent hole in oven for accessory access
  • Oven includes 2 stainless steel shelves with 12 possible positions
  • Viewing window in the door
  • Easy-open oven door latch minimizes disruption of testing
  • Over-temperature protection and other safety features designed into oven electronics
  • Standard oven input voltage of 220 VAC (50/60 Hz)


S-O-8 Equipment Manual


  • Mounting stand
  • Mounting cart
  • Double-stack kit


  • Additional load cell capacities available in 25 and 50 pounds
  • PSTC and TLMI testing manuals


Oven Exterior  

  • Height:             34" (87 cm)            
  • Width:              28" (71 cm)            
  • Depth:              25" (65 cm)            
  • Weight:            143 lbs (65 Kg)            


Oven Interior

  • Height:            19" (48 cm)
  • Width:              23" (58 cm)
  • Depth:             19" (48 cm)


Some of the more popular test methods that this device is capable of performing:

  • ASTM: D 4498

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